struct Configuration

Configurtion of any TKUITimetableCard. Use this to add custom actions.

This isn’t created directly, but rather you modify the static instance accessible from TKUITimetableCard.config.

  • Set this to true to show the operator of each service on the timetable and service cards.

    Default is false.



    public var showOperatorNames: Bool

Customising timetable actions

  • Set this to add a list of action buttons to a timeable card.

    Called when a timetable card gets presented.



    public var timetableActionsFactory: (@MainActor ([TKUIStopAnnotation]) -> [Action])?
  • This controls whether the title is visible underneath an action icon.

    The default is false, which means actions are displayed as icons only. We recommend that choosing an action icon that is immediately obvious what it does and avoids having to set this to true. If this must be set to true, we recommend that the titles for your actions are short, otherwise, some of the titles may be truncated.


    This only applies to actions that are arranged in a compact layout



    public var showTimetableActionTitle: Bool